The efficacy and role of silk


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1. In the medical field, Silk fibroin and sericin, which are components of spun silk, can be treated with concentrated sulfuric acid to obtain the same substance as heparin. It has anticoagulant activity and delays blood clotting time. It can be used to develop blood test equipment or Anti-thrombotic material. Using the same method to change some processing conditions, the spun silk rich in water absorption and water retention can be processed into high-grade water-based materials or other physiological health products. In addition, the spun silk is processed by polymer chemical synthesis to condense calcium or phosphorus with the spun silk, which can develop a "bone material" for orthopedic treatment. After the same chemical treatment, artificial muscles or artificial ligaments can also be developed. The silk fibroin film made of spun silk can also be made into a wound protective film for treating burns or other skin injuries.

2. Industrial field The silk powder processed into particles can be made into silk powder-containing silk paper or packaging materials for food preservation and antibacterial silk materials in addition to additives for cosmetics or health foods. In addition to processing contact lens lenses, silk fibroin film can also mix silk powder as fine as 0.3μm with resin to develop a new product called "silk leather". The silk powder is mixed into some coatings to make The high-grade paint is used to spray furniture products, which can increase the appearance of the utensils and the effect of good touch. It is widely used in various interior decorations.

3. Natural silk fabric facial mask leads the new trend of beauty. The structure of natural silk is very similar to human skin, so it has the reputation of "second skin" of human body. Silk beauty has a long history in China. As early as the Ming Dynasty in my country, silk was used by royal concubines for daily beauty and health preservation because of its important medicinal value. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Silk protein powder can eliminate skin dark spots and treat purulent dermatitis. Modern medical experiments have further proved that the protein content of silk is much higher than that of pearls, the nitrogen content is 37 times higher than that of pearls, and the main amino acid content is as high as 10 times. These amino acids can be directly absorbed and absorbed by human hair and skin. That is to say, it is easier to penetrate into the outer layer of the human epidermis and accelerate the metabolism of the skin.